Hertfordshire, UK | 2015 | Private


The house is designed to extend vertically to take advantage of the views and landscape beyond the protected mature tree canopy.  This allows for a journey through the house, from its ‘root’ to the heavens, ascending through an open ‘buffer zone’ to the primary living spaces above – a sequence of spaces around a central void.  The void narrows towards the upper floors as the spaces become more private and intimate.

The house has no front or back, instead the building is a 3 dimensional object uniquely tailored to the conditions of the site. A South East facing terrace connecting the dining and living spaces opens out to the views and sunlight; a ‘snug’ is orientated to frame a view out towards the sunset; South facing perforated brick walls filter the glare of the midday sun.

There are no internal doors, just a series of spaces, which vary in grandeur and intimacy by their scale and careful positioning of walls and columns. This provides the desired balance of privacy and openness, while allowing the interaction of light and space to guide the inhabitants through the building.