‘Entering Architectural Practice is a practical and honest guide for architecture students, entering the world of architectural practice.  AVAILABLE HERE

Featuring exclusive interviews with the internationally renowned architects: Kengo KumaAlberto Campo BaezaŠpela Videčnik (OFIS); Fernanda CanalesJonathan Sergison (Sergison Bates)Jane Hall (Assemble).

There is often a disconnection between what you are taught in architecture school and the actual practice of architecture in the workplace. As both a practising architect and architecture school tutor, the author has first-hand experience of this disconnection and so helps students bridge this divide between academia and practice.

Focused on providing industry insight, dispelling myths, and above all providing a combination of reality and hope to students of architecture entering the workplace, the book is beautifully and richly illustrated, providing a compelling visual story alongside the invaluable information it imparts.

Serious but enjoyable, thoroughly researched but highly approachable, this book is simply essential reading for every individual about to embark on a career in practice.